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ADQ7_MedADQ7DC – Data Acquisition Unit – Digitizer: 14-bit, 10 GSPS digitizer platform, 1-2 channels, open FPGA

The powerful ADQ7DC platform offers a unique combination of high sampling rate and high dynamic range. It is tailored for advanced measurement operation that is supported by an extensive set of options. ADQ7DC is designed for flexibility and maximized customer value:

  • Multiple form factor options enable optimized systems partitioning
  • Advanced analog front-end and high sampling rate supports a multitude of sensors and measurement requirements
  • Teledyne SP Devices’ platform program optimizes cost of ownership through streamlined maintenance and re-use between product families
  • Open FPGA enables real-time custom digital signal processing solutions for advanced systems
  • The 3-year warranty ensures problem-free operation and reduces risk
  • Teledyne SP Devices’ design service offers fast integration that help shorten time to market