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ADQ14OCT_imgThe ADQ14OCT is a 14-bit, 1 GHz digitizer optimised for use in Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (SS-OCT) applications and contains all features necessary to support the acquisition of cross-sectional and volume images.

The ADQ14OCT supports variable frequency clocking such as the laser K-clock in SS-OCT and supports the acquisition of high-resolution cross-sectional and volume images. The ADQ14OCT includes the following features:

  • Variable K-clock input from 10 MHz to 1000 MHz
  • Full Nyquist-rate OCT input bandwidth
  • 14-bit resolution with low spurious errors and low noise for high image quality
  • USB3.0 interface for compact designs as well as x8 Gen. 2 PCI-e interface for high-speed transfer of data to host PC
  • Embedded, real-time FFT programmable between 64 and 32k points
  • Flexible and programmable options for A-scan and B-scan triggering
  • 2 GByte on-board memory

The ADQ14OCT is available as standard with an embedded OCT signal acquisition firmware, real-time FFT and logarithm computations allowing:


  • Simultaneous read-out of time-domain and frequency-domain data
  • Flexible system and triggering configurations using the ADQ14OCT API
  • System design in C/C++ and Matlab