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Digitizers by Teledyne SP Devices

We provide a range of digitizers from newly joined Teledyne SP Devices, ideal for demanding measurement applications that require high speed and high resolution. Many of the products utilize Teledyne SP Devices’ patented ADX technology resulting in an unmatched combination of sampling rate, resolution, and dynamic range.

Our digitizers host powerful FPGAs that implement pre-defined logic while also allowing for customer specific real-time signal processing through an optional FPGA firmware development kit.

The digitizers are available in numerous industry standard form factors and are delivered with extensive software and firmware for customer application development and integration in Windows and Linux environments.

Software Development Kit (SDK)
The SDK is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 – 32 and 64 bit versions). It contains drivers, API engine DLL, header files, API documentation and examples for C/C++ and MATLAB. The examples cover many of the board functions and usage modes, to enable a fast path towards integrating it in your own specific application.

As the SDK is based on a standard Windows Dynamic Link Library, it is also possible to use in other programming contexts such as C#, Python, LabView, Java,Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran and several others. For Windows, a GUI-based oscilloscope application – ADCaptureLab is included for easy and fast access to the acquisition boards.

The SDK is also available for a variety of Linux distributions (optional).


FPGA Development Kit (DevKit, optional)
The FPGA Development kit opens up access for the customer to customize the firmware of the FPGA with your own specific signal processing, data processing algorithms – while keeping the easy access to all board functions and acquisition modes supported by the standard product. The kit contains documentation, project files for Xilinx ISE and source code to the customizable parts of the FPGA and all the standard functions are included as pre-compiled NGCs. All of the build process is easily accessed by script commands which makes it easy to start building your own FPGA code in a matter of minutes.

OEM Design Services
Teledyne SP Devices offers total system solutions in combination with our high-speed data acquisition products and IP. Design services are offered for both customized system board layout and digital design as well as integration support for other systems and standards. Design services are also offered for customized digital signal processing for system functions on the mounted FPGAs.