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Semiconductor lifecycle management

SLiM is long term, proactive assurance of continuity of supply of critical components in aerospace and defence systems, supporting platform life extension and avoiding the need for expensive redesign and requalification. This provides a proactive approach for managing critical components in aerospace and defence systems, where the original components became obsolete during the lifetime of the system, and offers the potential for improved integrity, counterfeit avoidance, lower cost and reduced risk over the lifetime of the assets.

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Complex aerospace and defence equipment is at risk from the effects of unmanaged semiconductor obsolescence before and after entering service.

Specifically, the accelerating pace of semiconductor product change and development requires new approaches to the design, manufacture and through life support of aerospace and defence, and long-life cycle commercial systems, to prepare for and establish effective semiconductor obsolescence management and mitigation processes.

e2v delivers security of through-life supply with our semiconductor lifecycle management programme (SLiM), a new standard in semiconductor obsolescence management, providing:

  • A range of hi-rel semiconductor products, including QP Semiconductor product line
  • Redesign and reengineering facilities
  • Wafer banking and lifetime continuity of supply
  • Hi-rel test and packaging services
  • Protection against counterfeit risks
  • DSCC qualified manufacturer listing

Whilst obsolescence management is an established approach, the reality of support and expertise available from many suppliers in this market space is limited to fire fighting the obsolescence problem after it has occurred, with an inefficient and unreliable ad-hoc approach. However, with 25 years’ experience in die banking, repackaging and testing of available product to military specifications, and reengineering of hi-rel designs, e2v’s specialist semiconductor division is able to offer security of through-life supply via our new semiconductor lifecycle management (SLiM) programme, a process which plans for obsolescence mitigation of key semiconductor components at the start of a product or system development, rather than 10 years into its usage.