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Assembly Services

Taking advantage of its outstanding manufacturing capabilities e2v offers a wide range of assembly and packaging solutions.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Hi-rel assembly facilities in the US, Europe and Asia
  • 24-hours operation for ultimate responsiveness
  • Class 100 clean room in the US and Europe
  • Die processing assembly capacity: GelPack delivery
  • Low and medium volume (up to 1M/year)

Specific Packaging

  • Package design, thermal and electrical simulation, characterisation
  • Package assembly in multiple worldwide locations
  • Hermetic ceramic packages: DIP, LCC, CPGA, CQFP, CBGA, CAN
  • Support for leaded packages to satisfy legacy system requirements
  • Wide range of plastic COTS packages
  • RoHS-compliant packages available for both ceramic and plastic
  • Flip-Chip assembly on ceramic substrate (CBGA)
  • Multi-Chip modules
  • High-End organic packages : EBGA