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Power Solutions

Teledyne e2v offers GaN Systems and Peregrine RF power solutions dedicated to hi-rel applications. The leading edge Galium Nitride technology in GaN Systems’ solutions enable high power density designs with four times less space requirements. The Peregrine RF based POL products combine outstanding radiation performance with high levels of integration and easy to use features.

Teledyne e2v and GaN Systems global alliance extends the power of GaN to Aerospace and Defense industries – Full story here.

Teledyne e2v and Peregrine Semiconductor introduce ultra-low phase noise FRAC-N Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) for commercial space applications – Full story here.

Peregrine’s power management products follow a steep tradition of high performance and efficiency. The flagship power management family supports DC to DC conversion with radiation-tolerant point-of-load (POL) synchronous buck regulators with integrated switches. These devices offer SEE immunity to a linear energy transfer (LET) greater than 90 MeV.cm2/mg and TID of 100 kRad(Si). By offering superior performance, smaller size and reduced weight, these power management products can replace multi-chip modules in sensitive space applications.

DC-DC converters from Peregrine are the industry’s smallest, space-grade, monolithic non-isolated distributed power solutions. They can replace traditional multi-chip modules that power field-programmable gate array (FPGA), digital signal processor (DSP), ASIC and SRAM power management designs. The combination of small size, high levels of integration and efficiency lowers total system weight and associated costs. Peregrine’s converters are designed to operate from a wide bus rail and provide an output voltage supply rails for analog, digital and RF payloads while delivering continuous output current. The converters also achieve high peak efficiency of 93+ percent through monolithic integration that reduces switch loss. The components feature an external resistor that provides adjustable slope compensation to optimize closed-loop bandwidth across output voltage and switching frequency range.

Peregrine’s DC-DC converters are radiation-hardened and immune from single event latch-ups (SELs), making them ideal for space applications. They are also optimized for defense and commercial applications, such as satellite systems, military radios, radar, engine control modules (ECMs), down-hole drilling and other high-reliability systems.