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Peregrine RF

Peregrine_logo_smallPeregrine Semiconductor’s radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and DC-DC power management space products are now available in the Teledyne e2v high-reliability (Hi-Rel) product portfolio. This strategic relationship combines Peregrine’s expertise and proven track record in Hi-Rel RF and power management products with Teledyne e2v’s leadership position in aerospace & defense qualified semiconductor products.

Teledyne e2v is the sole provider of Peregrine’s high-reliability integrated circuits (ICs) for the worldwide space market. This strategic RF relationship combines Peregrine’s expertise and proven track record in high-reliability RF and power management products with Teledyne e2v’s leadership position in aerospace and defense qualified semiconductor products. Teledyne e2v’s broad product offering spans the signal chain from RF to back-end, including data converters, memory and high-performance data processing.

High Reliability Space Products Catalog

Peregrine Semiconductor’s S-level standard and semi-custom UltraCMOS® silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) RFICs are based on Peregrine’s high-volume commercial products and are designed to meet the rad-hard, low-power needs of space applications. UltraCMOS technology delivers a cost-effective solution compared to the higher-voltage GaAs, SiGe or bulk silicon devices.

Peregrine’s Hi-Rel RF switches feature high linearity, isolation and exceptionally rugged performance for space applications.

The PE94302 digital step attenuator (DSA) provides highly competitive IP3, accuracy, temperature stability and ESD protection, with lower distortion and power consumption. The combination of these features enables excellent performance and cost-effectiveness.

The high-performance UltraCMOS RF prescaler family offers a fixed divide ratio of 2, 4 or 8. These prescalers operate across a frequency range from DC to 13.5 GHz on a nominal 3V supply while drawing between 6.5 and 16 mA. These devices have excellent sensitivity and are well suited for microwave phase-locked loop (PLL) synthesis solutions.

Peregrine’s integer-N and fractional-N PLL frequency synthesizers deliver superior phase noise performance where low phase noise is critical. The new PE97240 integer-N and PE97640 fractional-N PLLs feature improved normalized phase noise of –230 and –225 dBc/Hz, respectively, and offer an additional 5/6 prescaler divide ratio.

Peregrine technologyUltraCMOS® Technology

Advancing RF SOI since 1988, Peregrine delivers the superior performance, monolithic integration and reliability required by demanding Hi-Rel designs.

Central to Peregrine’s success is its UltraCMOS® technology—a patented, advanced form of RF SOI. For Hi-Rel products, UltraCMOS technology circuitry is processed on an ultra-thin silicon layer atop a dielectric sapphire wafer. Variable capacitances in the junction region are virtually eliminated, reducing the overall current drain and improving the transistor’s voltage handling and linearity. UltraCMOS technology is inherently radiation tolerant. Peregrine’s Hi-Rel products do not contain the bulk parasitics found in standard CMOS devices, making latch-up virtually impossible.

Only UltraCMOS technology enables intelligent integration—a unique design ability to integrate RF, digital and analog components onto a single, monolithic die. This high level of integration results in a smaller IC, reducing overall design size and the number of external components required.

Peregrine’s power management products follow a steep tradition of high performance and efficiency. The flagship power management family supports DC to DC conversion with radiation-tolerant point-of-load (POL) synchronous buck regulators with integrated switches. These devices offer SEE immunity to a linear energy transfer (LET) greater than 90 MeV.cm2/mg and TID of 100 kRad(Si). By offering superior performance, smaller size and reduced weight, these power management products can replace multi-chip modules in sensitive space applications.

DC-DC converters from Peregrine are the industry’s smallest, space-grade, monolithic non-isolated distributed power solutions. They can replace traditional multi-chip modules that power field-programmable gate array (FPGA), digital signal processor (DSP), ASIC and SRAM power management designs. The combination of small size, high levels of integration and efficiency lowers total system weight and associated costs. Peregrine’s converters are designed to operate from a wide bus rail and provide an output voltage supply rails for analog, digital and RF payloads while delivering continuous output current. The converters also achieve high peak efficiency of 93+ percent through monolithic integration that reduces switch loss. The components feature an external resistor that provides adjustable slope compensation to optimize closed-loop bandwidth across output voltage and switching frequency range.

Peregrine’s DC-DC converters are radiation-hardened and immune from single event latch-ups (SELs), making them ideal for space applications. They are also optimized for defense and commercial applications, such as satellite systems, military radios, radar, engine control modules (ECMs), down-hole drilling and other high-reliability systems.