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The world’s first K-band capable Digital-to-Analog Converter

This ground breaking DAC provides an analog bandwidth extending beyond 7GHz facilitating multi-band, direct digital synthesis up to
K-band (26.5GHz). A flexible 4:1 or 2:1 input multiplexer enables guaranteed sampling rates up to 6 GSps with the capability to operate at 7 GSps.

The EV12DS460 is equipped with four output operating modes (NRZ, RTZ, NRTZ & RF) and includes an option for program pulse shaping, making it proficient at handling the most specific of RF applications.

Nyquist zone Output mode Frequency SFDR
NZ1 NRTZ 2940 MHz 56 dBc
NZ2 RF 5940 MHz 58 dBc
NZ3 RF 8940 MHz 49 dBc
NZ4 RF 11950 MHz 49 dBc
NZ7 RF 18070 MHz 43 dBc
NZ8 RF 23950 MHz 38 dBc
Nyquist zone Output mode NPR ENOB
NZ1 NRTZ 44 dB 8.8 bit
NZ2 NRTZ 39.5 dB 8.1 bit
NZ3 RF 36.5 dB 7.6 bit
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