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The EV10DS130xG is a 12-bit 3 GSps DAC with an integrated 4:1 or 2:1 multiplexer, allowing easy interface with standard LVDS FPGAs. The Noise Power Ratio (NPR) performance , which is 10 Bit equivalent at 3 GSPS, over more than 900 MHz instantaneous bandwidth, and the 70 dB linearity (SFDR, IMD) over full 1st Nyquist zone at 3 GSPS (NRZ feature), makes this product well suited for in high-end applications such as arbitrary waveform generators and broadband DDS systems.

Nyquist zone Output mode NPR ENOB
NZ1 NRTZ 46 dB 9.2 bit
NZ2 NRTZ or RTZ 40 dB 8.2 bit
NZ3 RF 38 dB 7.8 bit
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Datasheet EV10DS130AGS datasheet
Datasheet EV10DS130A errata sheet
App note Replacing EV10DS130A with EV10DS130B
App note Using EV10DS130B at a sampling rate higher than 2.1GSps