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Digital-to-Analog Converters

EV12DS400Teledyne e2v has been innovating data converter technologies for over 20 years and offers some of the most powerful digital to analog converters on the market that feature:

  • Signal generation of up to 7 GHz
  • Latency as low as 1 ns
  • Full scale step response times as low as 40 ps
  • Lowest noise vs. performance on the market at microwave frequencies

The cutting-edge technology packed into Teledyne e2v’s data converters allow our customers to significantly simplify designs with licence free, standard and customized solutions.


Filter Results

Device Name Resolution Rate Channel Package Datasheet
EV12DS460A 12-bit 7GSps 1 fpBGA 196
EV12DS400A 12-bit 4.5GSps 1 fpBGA 196
EV12DS400A 12-bit 4.5GSPS 1 fpBGA 196 - Military temp
EV12DS130xG 12-bit 3GSPS 1 LGA255 / CICGA255 / CCGA255
EV12DS130xZP 12-bit 3 GSPS 1 FPBGA196
EV10DS130xG 10-bit 3 GSPS 1 LGA255 / CICGA255 / CCGA255
EV10DS130xZP 10-bit 3 GSPS 1 FPBGA196