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TS83102G0BVGLThis state-of-the-art 10-bit 2 Gsps converter offers an unprecedented bandwidth of 3.3 GHz and excellent band flatness, which allows direct digitization of very high IF signals (2nd and 3rd Nyquist zones) with high linearity : the SFDR remains in the -55 dBFS range at 2 Gsps / 2 GHz input frequency. Along with ATMEL TS81102G0 Demultiplexer it is the perfect solution for upgrading radars, wide-band receivers or high-end instrumentation systems.


TS83102G0B documents
pdf TS83102G0B datasheet
pdf TS83102G0B EB user guide
pdf BDC checklist
pdf Board layout
pdf Getting started with the TS83102G0B and the TS81102G0
pdf Applying TS830500, TS8388B, TS8310G0B ADCs and TS81102G0 DMUX