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The World’s first C-band capable ADC

The EV12AD500 offers C-band signal digitization with a -3dB input bandwidth at 5GHz and includes the same chain synchronization feature as found in the EV12AD550 and features two interface options, parallel and serial.

  • Customers that operate the EV12AD500 with the parallel interface will benefit from a latency of 7n/s.
  • Serial interface users will have access to the embedded, highly efficient, open source protocol ESIstream.
Nyquist zone Frequency Input amplitude SFDR
NZ1 100 MHz -1 dBFS 70 dBFS
NZ3 1900 MHz -8 dBFS 70 dBFS
NZ5 3730 MHz -12 dBFS 60 dBFS
NZ7 5300 MHz -12 dBFS 54 dBFS
Nyquist zone NPR ENOB
NZ1 50 dB 9.8 bit
NZ2 48 dB 9.5 bit
NZ3 46 dB 9.2 bit
Title Description Download
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