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The EV10AS180A is a 10-bit 1.5 GSps ADC. The device includes a front-end Track and Hold stage (T/H), followed by an analog encoding stage (Analog Quantizer) which outputs analog residues resulting from analog quantization. Successive banks of latches regenerate the analog residues into logical levels before entering an error correction circuitry and a resynchronization stage followed by a DEMUX with 100Ω differential output buffers.


Title Description Download
Datasheet EV10AS180 datasheet
User guide EB user guide for EV10AS180
Qualification report EV10AS180 qualification report
Radiation report EV10AS180 radiation report
QMLV part no. Te2v part no. Description
5962-1522301VXC EV10AS180AMLG-V LGA – Land Grid Array version without columns nor balls
5962-1522301VYF EV10AS180AMGS-V Ci-CGA package version with SCI columns
5962-1522301VZF EV10AS180AMGC-V CC-CGA package version with 6 sigma columns