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AT84AS008_AT30731It is a high linearity 10-bit 2.2 Gsps version that offers significant improvements in performance while retaining the same functions and I/O interface as the current TS83102G0B 10-bit 2 Gsps ADC. For applications needing de-multiplexing of this ADC (2.2Gsps) output, the AT84AS008GL is available with a new companion chip DMUX, the AT84CS001TP: a low power (2.6W) selectable 1:2/4 DMUX for applications such as radar, EW, satellite digital receivers, high-end instrumentation data acquisition boards and oscilloscopes.


AT84AS008 documents
pdf AT84AS008 datasheet
pdf AT84AS008 EB user guide
pdf BDC checklist
pdf Board layout
pdf AT84AS008 qualification report
pdf AT84AS008 application notes
pdf ADCs and DMUXes synchronization
pdf Single-ended or differential clock and analog inputs