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The AT84AS003 is the first ADC on the market breaking the 8.0 ENOB barrier at sampling rates over 1 Gsps. At Nyquist conditions, performance such as 8.0 ENOB and 57 dB SFDR at 1.5 Gsps has been demonstrated.

Furthermore, the 3 GHz analog input bandwidth allows operation in second Nyquist zone with remarkable performance at up to 1.5 GHz input frequency, making it a fully functional broadband analog data converter.

The embedded selectable 1:2 or 1:4 demultiplexer allows direct interfacing with standard LVDS compatible FPGAs, without any timing or voltage tuning necessary, even when sweeping the sampling frequency from 100 Msps to 1.5 Gsps.

It is the best option to upgrade existing systems or to design new state-of-the-art digitizers in applications such as digital receivers, test instrumentation or radar equipment.


AT84AS003 documents
pdf AT84AS003 datasheet
pdf AT84AS003 EB user guide
pdf BDC checklist
pdf Board layout
pdf AT84AS003 and AT84AS004 ADC with DMUX
pdf AT84AS003 qualification report