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This device is a dual 8-bit 1GSps ADC, it is the latest revision of e2v’s AT84AD001 series. It is commonly found in oscilloscopes and communications equipment.

In compliance with previous devices of the AT84AD001 series, each ADC core on this device are true single cores which do not require calibration at power-up nor during operations versus temperature changes.

This silicon revision “C” provides enhanced ENOB, SNR and BER performance compared to the “B” version.

Users of previous versions of the AT84AD001 series are advised to refer to the application note about migration from AT84AD001B to AT84AD001C.


AT84AD001 documents
pdf AT84AD001C Datasheet
pdf AT84AD001-EB User Guide
pdf BDC checklist
pdf Board layout
pdf AT84AD001C PCN
pdf AT84AD001C qualification report
pdf Migration from AT84AD001B to AT84AD001C
AT84AD001 software
STP-Icon AT84AD001-EB software