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RF Safe-Stop™

We have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of technologies relating to engine stopping; this includes high‑power RF and microwave devices as well as the associated subsystems that are assembled to provide a self-contained unit.

RF Safe-StopTM, the ultimate in target deactivation technology from Teledyne e2v — a leading global provider of innovative technology for high performance systems and equipment — is a state-of-the-art, non-contact jamming system. The system is capable of bringing moving targets across land, sea and air to a controlled stop at a safe distance without collateral damage. The technology has been successfully trialled on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, boats, cars, motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

We partner with our customers to improve, save and protect people’s lives.

Our RF Safe-StopTM partnerships include: DRONATEC, for UAV countermeasure applications and Jankel, a world-class specialist in protection systems. We deliver turnkey solutions across land, airborne and marine applications.

RF Safe-StopTM is available in full and lite versions, offering directed, narrow-band stopping capabilities across S and L bands respectively — at up to 400m distance for counter-UAV’s, up to 50m for armoured and civil patrol vehicles, and ranges in excess of 50m for lightweight patrol boat applications over water.