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e2v’s ProWave® microwave generator technology has been developed from the ground-up based on decades of experience. Our patented features address a number of the issues typically found with conventional generator technology.

ProWave® products are designed for rugged large scale industrial processing. We will package our generator technology to suit your production environment, taking into account factors such as ingress, altitude, temperature variation and ignition risk. Designed to be fully compliant with utility regulations, irrespective of the power frequency specified. We appoint third-party compliance auditors to ensure our products satisfy all relevant quality and safety standards in every territory we service. Our microwave generator platform uses proven power supply modules, similar to those used in marine applications and wind turbines. These modules offer exceptional reliability and enable us to maximise uptime in production-critical applications.



At the heart of a microwave generator is the magnetron, a specialist device that enables the conversion of mains electrical power into microwave energy. e2v is one of the world’s largest producers of high performance magnetrons for industrial, medical and radar applications and employs a number of patent protected features to offer outstanding lifetime and reliability benefits.

ProWave® Multi-Head Platform Concept

e2v designs, manufactures and supports the world’s most advanced microwave generators, capable of delivering several hundreds of Kilowatts and even Megawatts of microWave power. Our flexible generator platform gives us the unique ability to customise the power and frequency of a microwave solution to suit the application.


Advantages of the Multi-Head Platform

Until now, industrial microwave technology has been highly capital intensive, especially in large-scale applications, which combine multiple generators to achieve the required throughputs. The patented multi-head technology developed by e2v offers a revolutionary scalable and modular approach to the generation and transmission of microwave power. e2v’s innovative design uses a common power supply unit to drive multiple remote microwave heads. This unique platform enables us to apply microwave power in a distributed fashion and achieve economies of scale never before seen with microwave generators.

  • A single point user interface to control each microwave head independently
  • Small footprint – ideal for offshore or remote site use and portable applications
  • Additional stand-by heads can reduce downtime during maintenance
  • Consistent delivery of microwave power across all operating conditions
  • Fewer parts means reduced maintenance costs
  • Greater flexibility when configuring your plant layout or working around existing assets.