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Partnering for success

No matter which stage of the development cycle you’ve reached, e2v can help accelerate the commercialisation of your industrial microwave process.

At e2v we understand what it takes to deploy and maintain a new manufacturing platform globally. Our unique approach is founded upon our experience of working alongside a selection of specialist partners in order to form robust, enduring supply chains, capable of delivering major global projects. Close collaboration with academic and industry experts ensures that we remain at the forefront of microwave development, enabling us to provide informed advice and consultancy at every stage.


Considering microwave – is it right for your application?

IMG_5055Establishing whether microwave technology can enhance your existing process, or enable you to manufacture an entirely new product, is ordinarily undertaken in a laboratory environment. With the help of our research partners, we will ensure that the fundamental science which underpins your process is robust.

The essential next step is to estimate how much value this new process represents to your organisation, both now and in the future, taking into account any fluctuation in energy prices and the imminent legislative push towards “clean technologies”.

Proven at lab scale – now what?

siteCommercialising a lab scale “proof of concept” requires a multi-disciplinary approach, along with considerable engineering resource and know-how. Scale-up is usually incremental, so collaborating with industry-specific experts at each stage is essential and ensures both upstream and downstream processes are well integrated.

Our advanced software-based modelling capabilities avoid the need for trial and error, and together with our modular, scalable ProWave platform, we can minimise technical risk and accelerate your time-to-market.

Already developed a microwave process?

If you’ve already developed a commercial-scale microwave process, you’ll need a partner to help you deploy this technology across your business. e2v’s global support network and infrastructure will help you establish a robust, future-proof supply chain. We work with independent test houses to ensure our products comply with the toughest international standards for quality and safety. We recognise that introducing a new manufacturing process on a global scale is capital-intensive, so we have designed a modular platform, allowing you to achieve economies of scale simply not possible with conventional microwave generator technology.