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e2v works with carefully selected research groups and engineering partners to develop tailored solutions. We apply state-of-the-art modelling techniques and simulation tools to minimise potential risk and shorten development timescales.

Material Characterisation

The way in which microwaves interact with a particular material is determined by the material’s dielectric properties. These properties may also change with temperature, so accurate characterisation of a material’s dielectric properties is fundamental to designing a microwave heating process. e2v and its research partners employ state of the art tools and techniques to measure the dielectric properties of volatile chemicals, viscous liquids, granular and fibrous material, minerals and even complex material from mixed-waste streams.

Modelling & Simulation

Our powerful suite of modelling software allows us to construct complex 3D field models which are combined with multiphysics simulations to predict the real-world performance of microwave processes and optimise them for best performance. An essential part of the scale-up process, this allows us to accelerate the time and therefore reduce the cost associated with design, fabrication and testing on large-scale microwave systems.