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Product features

  • Compact design – ideal when space is limited
  • Computer-controlled and detailed diagnostics – a significant advantage for rapid diagnostics, potentially available remotely
  • High-level FRU replacement – enables service by engineers who are not experts in modulator systems
  • Control over many waveform properties – allows accurate dose servoing for a variety of treatment modalities
  • Self-shielded – does not require large RF enclosure
  • Far fewer exposed high voltage components – safer for service operations
  • Lower RF noise emissions relative to line modulator – more suitable for environment with other sensitive electronics and easier to comply with IEC requirements.

Control interface

The modulator system can be controlled and monitored by the use of the RS485 serial bus interface or the hard-wired user interface, or the fibre-optic interface. For a given application a customer can select between these options or e2v can configure and combine them in order to integrate with the host system. The control interface can also be configured so the modulator system operates at a single operating point autonomously.

e2v works closely with customers to provide generic or bespoke modulator system solutions as required. The company prides itself on its exceptional technical support, both during the initial product selection and once products are in service.