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We offer a range of compact modulator systems based around its patented solid-state switching technology. High power pulsed systems are developed for radar and for linear accelerators used in industrial, scientific and medical applications.

The compact modulator is a direct switching unit, designed to drive either our microwave tubes or those from other manufacturers. The high voltage modulators and semiconductor switches provide a real proven alternative to conventional “line and hard valve type” modulator technology. Using innovative assemblies of solid-state switches, together with compatible power supplies and energy storage units, gives a significant improvement in pulse shape and quality. A flexible control system gives the ability to remotely vary the pulse parameters on a pulse-to-pulse basis. These features make the units ideal for systems where precise energy control is essential.

Our MTP5838 and MPT5839 modulator systems are designed for medical radiotherapy LINAC use. When combined with a Teledyne e2v magnetron, a reliable, high energy, pulsed microwave source for electron acceleration is provided.