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Circulators and Isolators


Capable of significant high power, phase shift circulators provide the heavyweight end of ferrite device operation. Bandwidth limitations are primarily due to the Tee and Coupler, though extended performances can be achieved. Out-of-band requirements should be stated with enquiries.

Coaxial Circulators

An extensive range is available, for frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.

Resonance Isolators

High power capabilities in the range 1.2 GHz to 6.4 GHz, at up to 5 MW peak power.

Microstrip and Stripline Capabilities

e2v has in-house facilities for circuit preparation using thick and thin film techniques on ferrite and garnet substrates, with a large range of proven devices. e2v can design circuits for your application or print your design on the required substrate materials.


Ferrite junction E&H plane circulators can be configured as isolators (circulators with built-in termination), circulators or as four port device (dual circulators) with optional termination.


Product Features

Options for:

  • Isolator (2 port) power dependent on termination
  • Circulators (3 port)
  • Dual circulator (4 port)

Key Interface Specifications

Frequency Range: Multiple sub bands @ X & S band as detailed in data sheets

Temperature (operational): Typ -20 degrees +85 degrees C

Outlines: as datasheets
Mass: 150 g approx (X band)


Type Ports Frequency band Power (Peak) Power (Mean) Through loss (Insertion) Load Data Sheet
B3JC1007 3 3030 to 3070 30kw 30w 0.3 N
B3JC1008 3 3030 to 3070 30kw 30w 0.3 N
B3JC1626 3 9000 to 9600 100kw 400w 0.3 N
B3JC1633 4 9000 to 9600 85kw 85w 0.3/0.5 Y
B3JC1647 3 9300 to 9500 4kw 4w 0.4 N
B3JC1649 3 9300 to 9500 30kw 30w 0.4 N
B3JC1651 3 9000 to 9200 30kw 30w 0.4 N
B3JC1654 3 9100 to 9300 30kw 30w 0.4 N
B3JC1660 3 8850 to 8950 30kw 30w 0.4 N
B3JC2205 3 34-36GHz 10kw 10w 0.4 N