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Helix TWTs

We specialise in the development, design and manufacture of high quality helix TWTs (Travelling Wave Tubes) to satisfy the specific requirements of our customers. We are market leaders in the supply of our rugged and compact designs to both the commercial and military markets.

Our range of helix TWT products covers commercial and military applications:

Satellite uplinks

  • Long-life compact designs are suitable for both static and mobile units
  • Available in X, Ku, DBS, and Ka bands
  • Powers up to 500W

ECM broadband devices

  • Incorporating Multiple Collectors
  • Proven at localised temperatures of over 250 degrees C
  • Withstands very high levels of shock and vibration

The product range includes multi-octave bandwidth (e.g. 4.5 to 18 GHz) tubes at average power levels of 100, 200, and 300W. Packaging variants include full protection, unpackaged and special versions configured for towed decoy use.


We have developed a unique technology that has been introduced to a Dual-Mode X-band helix TWT, providing both high Pulse Repetition Frequency operation with low noise under vibration and Continuous Waveform, and can be used in more conventional radar tubes in C and X band.

Laboratory units

The combination of bandwidth and long life makes our Electronic Countermeasures tubes ideal for laboratory applications such as Electromagnetic compatibility testing.