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Coupled – Cavity Travelling Wave Tubes (CCTWTs)

Our CCTWTs are ideal for compact, reliable, high performance multi-function radars. They have high gain, high efficiency, shadow grid modulation, and PPM (Periodic Permanent Magnet) focusing:

  • Designed for military environments
    • Rugged metal/ceramic construction
    • High µ shadow grid modulation
  • Velocity tapering and multiple depressed collectors achieving:
    • High efficiency
    • Low prime power
    • Minimise heat rejected to cooling system
  • Peak powers up to 1MW
  • Bandwidths up to 10%
  • Frequency range: 5GHz to 35GHz

The Coupled-Cavity TWTs are capable of peak powers from tens to hundreds of kilowatts, with up to 10% duty cycle. Typical applications include:

  • Ship, airborne and ground-based mobile radar systems
  • Airborne multi-mode surveillance radars
  • Naval surveillance radars
  • Tracking radars for fire control systems
  • Ground-based acquisition
  • Mobile military environments