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Technical papers

Teledyne e2v’s technical papers are written by our industry leading experts in imaging technology. Click below to access the publications.

For papers published by the Centre for Electronic Imaging (CEI), Teledyne e2v’s partner research group at the Open University, please click here.

White Papers

Ultra-low dark signal in the AIMO CCD230-84 pdf
Freeing high speed CMOS line scan cameras from the frame grabber pdf
CCD QE in the Soft X-Ray Range pdf
CMOS Image Sensors are Entering a  New Age pdf


Conference Papers

Paper Presentation
AO4ELT5 conference – June 2017
Teledyne e2v sensors for adaptive optics: wavefront sensing on ELTs
BNL workshop – December 2016
Teledyne e2v CMOS (and CCD) sensors (and systems) for astronomy  
 CNES workshop – 16 & 17 November 2016
Radiation Effects on Large Pixels
SPIE Edinburgh – June 2016
e2v CCD and CMOS sensors and systems designed for astronomical applications
A 9 megapixel large-area back-thinned CMOS sensor with high sensitivity and high frame-rate for the TAOS II program.
 Peformance of the e2v 1.2 GPixel cryogenic camera for the J-PAS 2.5m survey telescope
International Forum on Detectors for Photon Science (IFDEPS) – 2016
Synchrotron Radiation workshop e2v image sensors for high end applications pdf
SPIE Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing – May 2016
Recent Sensor Designs for Earth Observation pdf
CNES Workshop – Nov 2015
2nd Generation CMOS Charge Transfer TDI: Results on Proton Irradiation pdf
High SEE Tolerance in a Radiation Hardened CMOS Image Sensor Designed for the Meteosat Third Generation FCI-VisDA Instrument pdf
Low temperature measurements of the large-area, backthinned, and low-noise TAOSII CMOS sensors pdf
International Image Sensors Workshop (IISW) – June 2015
Electron Multiplying Device Made on a 180 nm Standard CMOS Imaging Technology pdf
CMOS Charge Transfer TDI with Front Side Enhanced Quantum Efficiency pdf
CNES Workshop – Nov 2014
Single event transient and single event upset electrical simulation under cadence based on MUSCA SEP³ current sources in 0,18/0.35 CIS process pdf
SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation – July 2014
e2v CCD and CMOS technology developments for astronomical sensors pdf pdf
CryoCam – the 1.2 GPix Camera for JPAS pdf
LGSD/NGSD: High Speed Optical CMOS Imagers for E-ELT Adaptive Optics pdf
Characteristic of e2v CMOS Sensors for Astronomical Applications pdf
Development of a 4kx4k frame transfer electron multiplying CCD for scientific applications pdf
 MTF and PSF measurements of the CCD273-84 detector for the Euclid visible channel pdf
CNES Workshop – Nov 2013
TAOS II: Three 88-Megapixel astronomy arrays of large area, backthinned, and low-noise CMOS sensors pdf
Measurements and analysis of a 13µm pitch charge transfer TDI suitable for space applications using a standard CMOS technology pdf
SDW Workshop – Oct 2013
 The KMTNet 340 Megapixel focal planes pdf
A Novel 4k×4k EMCCD Sensor for Scientific Use pdf
ICSO – October 2012
First Measurements of True Charge Transfer TDI (Time Delay Integration) Using Standard CMOS Technology pdf
SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation – July 2012
A Gigapixel commerically-manufactured cryogenic camera for the J-PAS 2.5m survey telescope
Backside-illuminated, high QE, 3e- RoN, fast 700fps, 1760×1680 pixels CMOS imager for AO with highly paralell readout
Wide-field photometry at 20 Hz for the TAOS II Project
Design of the KMTNet large format CCD camera
Charge-Coupled Devices for the ESA Euclid M-class Mission
Charge-Coupled Devices for the ESA PLATO M-class Mission
OPTRO – February 2012
Back Illuminated System-on-chip for Night Vision
International Image Sensor Workshop – June 2011
L² CMOS Image sensor for low light vision
SPIE Photonics West – January 2011
Detailed Characterisation of a New Large Area CCD Manufactured on High Resistivity Silicon
ICSO – October 2010
Hyperspectral CMOS Imager
SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation – July 2010
Improving the red wavelength sensitivity of CCDs
SPIE Photonics West – January 2010
Back-thinned CMOS Sensor Optimisation
SPIE Remote Sensing – September 2009
Design of Image sensors for Hyperspectral Applications
SPIE Optics & Photonics – August 2009
Improving Radiation Tolerance in e2v CCDs
Development of an EMCCD for LIDAR Applications
Frontiers in Electronic Imaging – June 2009
Single Photon Imaging Using a CCD & Electron Multiplication
ISROS 2009
CCD Design Optimisation for Space Applications
ICSO – October 2008
Development of an EMCCD for LIDAR Applications
SPIE Europe Remote Sensing 2008
The Gaia Challenge: Testing High Performance CCDs in large quantities

Technical Notes

UV Conversion Coatings
Deep Depleted CCD Sensors
Fibre-Optic CCD Sensors
Glossary of Terms
The MTF of CCD Sensors
The e2v buttable CCD package: Design & mounting philosophy
Latest CCD developments, and technologies for scientific CCDs
e2v Space-Qualified CMOS Image Sensor Capability and Roadmap

L3Vision™ Technical Notes

An Overview of the Ageing Characteristics of L3Vision™ Sensors
Optimising Operation of L3Vision™ CCD Sensors
The use of multiplication gain in L3Vision™ CCD Sensors
Dark Signal and Clock-Induced Charge

Customer Papers

Development of an X-ray pixel detector with multi-port charge-coupled device for X-rayfree-electron laser experiments