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Imaging subsystem for space science: WSO/UV imaging subsystem


Teledyne e2v is providing a detection subsystem for the WSO-UV space mission, which is a major international collaboration with Russia in the leading role. This subsystem will enable scientists to study the Universe in ultraviolet wavelength (120-310nm).

Subsystem performance:

  • The flatness of the CCDs is 9.43 microns measured peak to valley.
  • The enclosures maintain CCDs at -100 °C, while contributing no more than 3W heat into the cooling system.
  • The noise performance is better than 3 e- at 50kHz pixel readout.
  • The subsystem’s enclosures maintain ultra-high vacuum conditions for up to 9 years.
  • The subsystem is fully qualified to survive launch while maintaining alignment.

The subsystem architecture:

  • 3 cryostat enclosures are composed of a window, a cold finger, ION pump and getter pump with a CCD central support. Each cryostat contains a CCD.
  • 3 CCDs 272 with three different Anti Reflection (AR) coating variants, which are optimised for different wavelengths. They feature high guaranteed QE below 200nm and high CTE Low Dark Current.
  • 3 electronic drive modules.
  • Cable harnesses connect the enclosures to the spacecraft cooling system.