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Sapphire WVGA – EV76C541 Back to all CMOS sensors

The Sapphire EV76C541 is a wide-VGA format CMOS image sensor ideal for applications where superior performance is required, and a viable replacement for traditional industrial CCD sensors.

The innovative pixel design offers excellent performance in low-light conditions with an electronic global shutter, and offers a high-readout speed at minimum 125fps in full resolution. It’s very low power consumption makes it well suited for use in battery-powered applications such as hand-held barcode scanners.

Novel industrial machine vision application features such as multi ROI and 3D range gating are also embedded on-chip.

 Resolution Pixel size Frame rate Readout mode possibilities Package type Flyer Datasheet
 752 x 480  4.5 µm  125fps full resolution Global and Electronic Rolling Shutters  CLCC 44  pdf  pdf