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Lince5M is a digital high speed image sensor designed for excellent performance in a large variety of applications, ranging from low noise high dynamic range surveillance to high speed high resolution machine vision.

Lince5M incorporates a high speed 5.2M CMOS active pixel image sensor providing global electronic shutter and High Dynamic Range (HDR) features.

The sensor array utilises active CMOS pixels with pinned photodiodes to deliver high image quality whilst maintaining the size, cost, and integration advantages of CMOS process.

The pixel response can be configured for either linear light response with 58dB, or for high dynamic range piecewise linear response, with more than 100dB dynamic range; both with global shutter operation.

Resolution Pixel size Frame rate Readout mode possibilities Package type Flyer
 5M pixels  5  250fps  Global Shutter and HDR mode  µPGA 181 pins  pdf
 5M pixels  5  100fps  LVDS interface CLCC 84 pins pdf