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CMOS standard image sensors

Emerald image
8M to 16M
33 fps to 60 fps
The world's smallest global shutter pixel
Onyx image
1.3M, 100 fps
Near infrared enhanced, for demanding environments
Sapphire image
WVGA to 2M
60 fps to 125 fps
Near infrared
Ruby image
1.3M, 60 fps
Near infrared
Seeing beyond limits
Jade image
0.5M, 60 fps
Low light, without distortion
Lince5M image
5M, 250 fps
Near infrared enhanced
BORA image
Time of Flight sensor

The vision market is constantly looking for highly specialised, cost effective solutions where performance is not compromised.  Teledyne e2v has over 40 years of heritage in imaging, with a background in the design and manufacture of CCD and CMOS image sensors.  This makes Teledyne e2v perfectly placed to propose the best non-biased solution for your application.

Capabilities include ultra-high speed and ultra-low noise.  Teledyne e2v’s unique approach involves listening to the market/application challenges of customers and partnering with them to provide an innovative solution which brings real value to their systems.

Further information on our full range of CMOS image sensors can be found by downloading our Standard CMOS Image Sensors Guide.