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CMOS Image Sensors for Space and Ground-based Astronomy

Teledyne e2v is a leading provider of custom CMOS image sensors for Ground-based AstronomyEarth observation and Space Science applications.

Our technology has been chosen for performance-critical applications:

  • CANOPUSTM image sensor (CIS111) for ESA’s and EUMETSAT’s Meteosat Third Generation – MTG satellites,
  • VEGATM image sensor (CIS113) for ASIAA’s Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II),
  • SIRIUSTM image sensor (CIS115) for ESA’s JUICE mission,
  • CIS119 for ESA’s and EUMETSAT’s Meteorological Operational (MetOp) second generation satellites.

We collaborate closely with our partners and customers, taking full responsibility for the entire supply chain, from design (including a variety of package options) to delivery. We offer back-thinned and space qualified CMOS image sensors, with unparalleled performance in terms of sensitivity, high radiation tolerance and low power consumption.

Our space qualified CMOS image sensors capabilities include:

  • Proven CMOS pixel designs
  • Very large pixel sizes with low lag
  • Snap shot pixels
  • High dynamic range
  • Very low noise analogue and digital outputs
  • Radiation hard design blocks
  • Optimised for visible/NIR or for use in EUV/UV, thanks to Teledyne e2v’s back-thinning technology


CMOS Image sensors for Space and Astronomy

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Device Type (Details) Resolution Pixel size (µm) Frame rate (fps) Readout mode possibilities Package type Flyer Datasheet
CANOPUS™ - CIS111 224 or 448 x 5 channels of 4 pixels ≈70 or ≈30 µm 2500 Global Shutter Custom
VEGA™ - CIS113 1920 x 4608 16 1.6 Global Shutter and Electronic Rolling Shutter Metal buttable + PGA
SIRIUS™ - CIS115 2000 x 1504 7 7.5 Electronic Rolling Shutter Custom 140 PGA
CIS119 10 channels of 100 x 4 250 4500 Global Shutter Custom
CAPELLA - CIS120 2048 x 2048 10 20 at 12 bits Global Shutter and Electronic Rolling Shutter TBC