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CMOS custom professional image sensors

For over 10 years, our Teledyne AnaFocus team has partnered with a fast growing portfolio of new customers to co-develop a range of truly innovative custom CMOS image sensors.

Teledyne AnaFocus image sensors are tailored to optimally solve specific customer application challenges with 95% of projects successful in their first silicon (an unprecedented industry track record).

Capabilities include:

Capability-Icon6 Ultra-high speed image sensors, delivering millions of frames per second
Capability-Icon5 Ultra-low noise, high sensitivity sensors with specifications rivalling EMCCDs
Capability-Icon4 3D sensors which improve the speed and accuracy of pre-existing solutions
Capability-Icon3 High-sensitivity, low-noise time-of-flight sensors with automotive and industrial grade
Capability-Icon2 Highly integrated vision sensors for industrial use
Capability-Icon1 Line scan solutions with performance comparable to TDI CCDs