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Our Capabilities

Teledyne e2v offers the best technology solutions for the most demanding applications:

  • CMOS image sensors for low noise, high frame rate and on-chip processing integration
  • CCD image sensors for low noise, high sensitivity and high dynamic range
  • CCD and CMOS image sensors post processing expertise (e.g. back-thinning, anti-reflective coatings)
  • EMCCDs for true photon counting at high frame rates
  • A heritage of high CCD and CMOS quality levels
  • The world’s best detection efficiency in CCD and CMOS image sensors

Extensive design IP and patents in CMOS and CCD image sensors:

  • Pixels (different pixel sizes and architectures)
  • Analogue processing
  • Analogue to digital converters
  • Phase-Locked Loop (PLL)
  • Image processing blocks (digital)
  • Post processing

Supply chain management:

  • In-house wafer manufacturing tools and processes for CCD technology
  • Back-end manufacturing methods and tools for CMOS technology

Project management:

  • Dedicated project management and technical engineering support teams

Imaging subsystem solution:

  • Delivering the best performance from Teledyne e2v sensors with guaranteed end user performance
  • Utilising leading standard imaging protocols (Gigevision, Camera Link, Coaxpress)
  • Customised assembly knowledge to provide highly integrated solutions
  • Reducing the customer’s integration efforts and total cost of ownership