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ELiiXA UC4/UC8 4k colour Back to all cameras

The ELiiXA 4096 pixel camera is the ideal candidate Eliixa_gauche_AT31425 (Small)for demanding applications requiring multi wavelength detection (including NIR). Using Teledyne e2v’s unique technology, the CCD sensor features unmatched performance; line rate of 18KHz, row spacing of two pixels center to center, enhanced blue response and three lines (RGB) or four lines (RGB plus a fourth line either monochrome or NIR).

The camera package is designed to increase efficiency and save cost at vision system level with:

  • Easy calibration (test pattern, flat field correction, white balance, excellent mechanical alignement)
  • Versatile implementation (trigger modes, output modes, bi-directional scanning, spatial correction)
  • Optimal mechanical design (70mm width)

All within a single ELiiXA camera, which can replace a two camera system of a conventional colour camera and a monochrome or NIR camera.