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Line scan cameras

ELiiXA+ family image
Multi line CMOS cameras, highly sensitive pixels, unmatched 200,000 lines/s.
ELiiXA+ family
UNiiQA+ family image
Single line CMOS cameras, highly sensitive pixels, cost effective.
UNiiQA+ family
OctoPlus OCT image
A flexible range of OCT line scan cameras
OctoPlus OCT
ELiiXA family image
Multi-wavelength detection using our latest CCD sensor, for demanding applications.
ELiiXA family
AViiVA family image
State-of-the-art performance delivered by our latest CCD sensor, for demanding machine vision applications.
AViiVA family
DiViiNA family image
A robust CMOS solution with very simple functionality providing perfect image quality for mid-range applications.
DiViiNA family

With 40 years’ experience in the imaging field, Teledyne e2v is a key supplier to the machine vision market. Recognised for the quality of our CMOS and CCD sensors and cameras, Teledyne e2v designs and manufactures the class leading UNiiQA+,  ELiiXA+, AViiVA and DiViiNA line scan camera ranges.

Our products are designed from close working relationships with our customers. We also contribute to the development of industry standards, including NBASE-T, Camera Link®, Gigabit Ethernet, and the GenIcam standard for software access.

Further information on our full range of line scan cameras can be downloaded by clicking on the links above or by downloading our Line Scan Camera Guide.