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Teledyne e2v image sensors and camera solutions enable astronomers to explore the Universe.

Ground astronomy imaging

Teledyne e2v imaging sensors and camera integrated solutions are used in the major ground-based observatories to deliver images of very high sensitivity to the world’s astronomers.

The highest levels of device performance are required in astronomical instruments for imaging, spectroscopy, wavefront sensing, and other primary applications. Standard and custom CCD and CMOS devices, used individually or in arrays, and camera integrated solutions are a speciality of the Teledyne e2v Space Imaging team. High spectral response back-thinned sensors with low noise are essential for all modern astronomical instruments.

We have over 30 years’ experience supplying custom imaging sensors, packaging, focal plane integration and camera integrated solutions, to the world’s leading ground-based observatories including DCT, ESO, Gemini, GTC, Keck, Lamost, LBT, SALT, and many others.