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We offer fast switching expertise into Linac and High Energy Physics markets.

Linear accelerators and high-energy physics

With over 50 years in the global High Energy Physics (HEP) scientific and medical markets, our thyratrons and solid state switched compact modulators are used across a range of demanding fast switching applications, including:

Medical Linacs

As the driver for klystrons and magnetrons in linear accelerators, powering electron and x-ray treatments.

Scientific Linacs

As the driver for high power klystrons and used to accelerate particle beams.


Thyratrons are used as protection devices for high power RF tubes at operating voltages of up to 160 kV. They protect the klystrons and IOTs which accelerate the particle beams in storage rings.

Kicker Magnets

Thyratrons are used in fast-switched magnets which eject particles from their circular orbits in high energy physics machines.