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Teledyne e2v is the leading independent supplier of dental x-ray detectors.

Dental imaging

Offering high performance imaging from lower radiation doses than film and built on more than twenty years’ experience in the design and manufacture of image sensors, our x-ray dental image sensors have helped transform the way in which x-ray images are captured, stored and retrieved in dental offices.

We work closely with customers to develop customised dental imaging sensors to suit individual requirements.


Special purpose hermetically-sealed and packaged sensors feature x-ray conversion coatings resulting in discrete, easy to use sensors with exceptional performance.

Extra-oral (panoramic)

Full panoramic x-ray images assist in the monitoring of all teeth in relation to each other, where perhaps major oral surgery or manipulation of the position of teeth is undertaken.

Cephalometric (full head)

Images of the entire head are particularly useful during major surgery or where there are consequential effects on the teeth from surgery on the head.