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Induction and dielectric heating equipment requires rugged, high power RF electron devices.

Induction and dielectric heating

With over 65 years’ experience in RF Power technology, e2v offers a range of gridded tubes for induction and dielectric heating.

Alongside the development of new products, in partnership with our customers, we also offer direct equivalents for many competitor devices, with low-cost conversions available where no direct equivalent exists.

e2v gridded tubes are available in power ranges up to 540 kW and operating through the RF spectrum up to 120 MHz.

Induction heating

Induction heating is a method of heating conductive material by subjecting it to an alternating electromagnetic field, usually at frequencies between 100 and 500 kHz.

Oscillator circuits containing triodes are commonly used to generate the RF currents.

Typically induction heating is used in pipe welding and induction hardening/heat treatment.

Dielectric heating

Dielectric heating (also known as Capacitance heating) is the method of heating non-conductive materials. The material to be heated is placed between two electrodes, to which a high-frequency energy source is connected. The oscillating field passes through the material and as the field direction changes, the polarisation of individual molecules reverses rapidly, causing friction and hence heat. The higher the frequency, the greater the movement. Typically, frequencies in the range 5 MHz to 80 MHz are used. This technology is used in Wood Gluing, RF Drying and Plastic Welding.