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Ruby 1.3M – EV76C661

The EV76C660 and EV76C661 are the newest members of Teledyne e2v’s Ruby family of CMOS imaging sensors. These breakthrough devices provide sensitivity and performance beyond that considered possible on a front side illuminated sensor with a pixel size of 5.3μm, Quantum Efficiency (QE) of over 80% and excellent sensitivity and performance in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum (>50% at 850nm). This significantly reduces system illumination costs, or enables very low-light imaging in outdoor camera applications. The EV76C660 and EV76C661 share the same package, pin-out and software interface as e2v’s Sapphire family of imaging sensors, enabling them to provide a range of differentiated industrial camera products from a single hardware and software development effort.

Resolution Pixel size Frame rate Readout mode possibilities Package type Flyer Datasheet
1280 x 1024 5.3µm 60fps Global and Electronic Rolling Shutters CLCC 48 pins  pdf pdf
Application notes
pdf EV76C661 1 line mode
pdf EV76C661 8 bits mode
pdf EV76C661 Internal Oscillator Calibration
pdf EV76C661 SPI programming
pdf EV76C661 Temporal Row Noise Reduction
pdf EV76C661 Initialization Procedure