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Supply chain

Our policy is to:

  • Assess all potential suppliers against an ethical and environmental questionnaire prior to being added to our supplier lists
  • Communicate and treat our suppliers/customers with fairness and courtesy as dictated by our internal values
  • Work with all of our customers and suppliers regarding environmental initiatives, encouraging them to help us to jointly reduce the environmental impact of our work
  • Work in partnership with our suppliers to enhance the quality and performance of the items they supply
  • Our global procurement policy specifies the business management requirements and provides a set of directives and practical guidelines for the purchasing of products, goods and services. It can be viewed here.

Using best in class commodity management methodology, the global procurement team ensures that the Group’s sourcing and supplier development strategies are fully aligned with the needs and objectives of our customers both internal and external. Utilising collaborative procurement techniques across all e2v site locations, the team deploys its complementary skill sets and harnesses market knowledge and cross functional expertise to drive operational excellence and innovation throughout the business.

Through the e2v Supplier Accreditation Scheme we drive continuous improvement by enabling the supplier base to focus on the key areas of cost, quality and service as well as promoting environmental, social and ethical best practice and facilitating sustainability risk mitigation.

We have a target of 70% of e2v direct and indirect spend to be managed through the Supplier Accreditation Scheme. In 2015 we achieved 67% (2014: 60%). The resultant continuous improvement of supplier performance drives enhanced benefits in the areas of supplier cost, quality and service.

From a compliance perspective, we expect suppliers to conform to e2v’s legal, commercial and ethical requirements in conjunction with the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CR) policy.

Our approach helps us to target a low cost of ownership whilst also ensuring a sustainable, secure supply chain as well as maintaining e2v’s exacting quality standards. This best in class methodology is described in more detail in the Company Procurement, Supplier Selection and Development and Supplier Quality Management processes.