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We continue to be committed to operate in an environmentally responsible manner.  We manage, and where possible, reduce any impact on the environment from our operational activities.

Under mandatory greenhouse gas emission reporting, in 2016 the Group greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 9% in absolute terms compared with 2015 and decreased by 13% when normalised with reference to revenue.

We have identified electricity usage at the sites within our financial manufacturing portfolio boundary as the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for energy management, and we are monitoring performance to allow the business to target appropriate reductions. Electricity usage consistently represents approximately 80% of the organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2016 we piloted a project in our RF Power assembly areas at Chelmsford to ensure precious metal waste is separately collected and efficiently recycled.  In addition, as part of our refurbishment activities at Chelmsford, known as Project Sunrise, the management of chemicals is being considered so that we can minimise any environmental impacts, including emissions and the risks of environmental incidents.